The Itinerary

Day 1: Monday, 16.3.2020

Meeting at 8.00 p.m. after dinner in a hotel Le Meridien - dinner included


Day 2, Tuesday, 17.3.2020

Visit to the Giza Plateau, Sphynx, Valley Temple; Egyptian museum – full board in a hotel included

Day 3, Wednesday, 18.3.2020

Sakkara, the Pyramid of Djoser, Unas Pyramid, healing complex, Serapeum – breakfast and dinner in a hotel included; lunch not included.


Day 4, Thursday 19.3.2020

The pyramids of Dashur; breakfast and dinner in a hotel included; lunch not included.

Day 5, Friday 20.3.2020

Drive to Abydos, overnight Abydos; full board in a hotel included.


Day 6, Saturday 21.3.2020

Abydos temples, overnight in Abydos, full board in a hotel included.

Day 7, Sunday 22.3.2020:

Drive to Dendera temple; drive to Luxor, overnight in Steigenberger hotel in Luxor; breakfast included only.


Day 8, Monday 23.3.2020

Embark the cruise; visiting the Valley of the Kings by bus, then the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Habu Temple, Ramesseum. In the evening we will visit the Luxor Temple; breakfast and dinner included;

Day 9, Tuesday 24.3.2020

The Temple of Karnak; after lunch start of the cruise towards Aswan; full board on a cruise included.


Day 10, Wednesday 25.3.2020

Edfu temple, Kom ombo temple; arriving to Aswan; full board on a cruise included.  

Day 11, Thursday 26.3.2020

Abu Simble; breakfast and dinner on a cruise included; lunch not included.

Day 12, Friday 27.3.2020

Isis Temple;  afternoon/evening flight to Cairo; breakfast on a ship and dinner in a hotel are included in a price; lunch is not included.


Day 13, Saturday 28.3.2020

Relaxing; in the night from Saturday/Sunday, before the dawn, we will have private visit to the Great Pyramid for two hours

Day 14, Sunday 29.3.2020



Day 15, Monday 30.3.2020

Breakfast and departure.



Possible optional tours:
  • Old Cairo excursion, with visiting of Khan el Khalili Bazaar
  • Sound & Light show at Giza Pyramids
  • Sound & Light show at Karnak Temple
  • Sound & Light show at the Temple of Isis, Philae, Aswan
  • The Valley of The Queens, Luxor
  • The Tomb of Nefertari, Luxor
  • The Museum in Luxor
  • The Nubian museum in Aswan
  • Alexandria excursion
  • The Nubian village in Aswan
  • The Botanical garden in Aswan
  • The visiting of a High Dam in Aswan
  • souk in Luxor
  • souk in Aswan
  • horse carriage city tour in Luxor
  • Hot air baloon in Luxor
  • The visit of the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, having tea on the terrace at the sunset
  • silver & gold shop
  • alabaster factory
  • papyrus museum and shop
  • parfume museum and shop
  • jewellery shops
  • cotton shops
  • hand made carpet factory and shop













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