The Spring Love Tour in Egypt

The Spring Love Tour in Egypt

Do you wish to prepare a special two-week travel love surprise for the one you LOVE ?

We have prepared the unique itinerary for a two-week journey, »The Spring Tour 2020«.

The main theme of the tour is LOVE. Love stories of ancient queens and kings of Egypt. Visiting places in Egypt that still whisper the old love stories, still sing the ancient love songs and where the energy of LOVE is felt in our every cell.  Our  experienced egyptologist  and  tour guide  Mr. Ali Elnaggar will explain to us, why there is still LOVE felt IN THE AIR at every special site that we are going to visit. During the tour he will be assisted by  a manager and administrator of a tour Ms. Ksenija Kresnik Conic.

Why to take a LOVE tour with our LoveTouringEgypt?

Egypt is our Motherland, Craddle of our civilisation. First big LOVE stories have been born and lived in Egypt.

Isis and Osiris, to start at the very beginning.

Mr. Ali Elnaggar  will prepare beautiful historical love stories which were lived at places that our LOVE TRAVELLERS are going to visit.

May the LOVE stories of our ancient ancestors inspire the lives of us who are inhabiting our planet in this period of time. May the NEVERENDING  and ALL EMBRACING LOVE raise our spirits and may there be LOVE, LOVE and only LOVE. Because ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, as Beatles sing into eternity. 

"Love is all there is. Love is the highest vibration. Love is healing. Love is for the  brave."

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Dates to prepare your LOVE bags and FLY: 16.3. - 30.3.2020

What are you going to experience on the Spring Love Tour? Have a little sneak peak here:




Customer Reviews

"Blessings to you Ksenija for all you put together for us, in so many ways I can't count them all. Forever grateful."
Lisa, USA

"Being close to the Great guardian and keeper is the rare and precious event even for the Egyptian tour guide. Ali's excitement was no less then the excitement of his group when we were approaching the majestic statue. We all shared feelings hard to describe, for words fail the magnificence of our experience. Yes it was great gift for us all and yes, the unforgettable one. Thank you, Ali Elnaggar , for all your efforts in our two-weeks tour. Most of us will count weeks to return to the craddle of our souls."
Ksenija, Slovenia

Ali- our very own beloved guide extraordinaire... Indiana Jones Egyptian style...I personally took a liking to Ali Elnaggar immediately- felt like an old friend right when I met him. Very personable and polite and conscientious and considerate. We learned from him- and safe to say he may have learned from us.. Thank you Ali for your comforting presence every day and helping us always. I feel like I left a part of me with you- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY(tomorrow)!!! Celebrate well for I am sure your ancestors are proud of what you do and who you have become. Peace and Blessings"
Bonnie, USA

"Soul person of the day- Ksenija Kresnik Conič. One question- what would be missing in our lives had Ksenija - along with Judith- had not had a vision in their minds- and taken the steps necessary to make that vision a reality... I would not be the person I am today- now. Grand organizer- visionary extraordinaire- with fiery red- orange hair- the colors of our great sun...a ray of sunshine in every life she touches. Determined- serious - yet playful in any given moment. This woman has a voice- and she uses it- while chanting- singing- and making her point or wishes known. She does not back down- she stands firm in her truth and beliefs. Just try and tell her she has to put her shoes back on. And- we have all seen that "guilty- not guilty" look after she gets busted for something- like singing too loudly!! Because of this lady- I now know what it feels like to watch the sun set at the Old Cataract hotel in Aswan. BLESSED beyond words for what her vision has bestowed upon me. I am richer with the gifts of my voice- determination- beauty and grace that she has shared with me. Peace and Blessings!"
Bonnie, USA


Price for the LOVE journey of your LIFETIME & LOVETIME:

  • Price per person in a double room: 4.950,00 EUR
  • Price per person in a single room: 5.500,00 EUR





Your esteemed registration is desirable till February 29th, 2020. 

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Discretion and privacy

Our LOVE tours are of highest discretion and privacy. You will not find your photos on social pages. We wholeheartedly invite COUPLES who would like to grant something special to each other. Ancient BLUEPRINT of LOVE. Nowhere else on this planet you can find the genuine blueprint of LOVE as the highest vibration, as you will find in ancient Khemit.  Only with putting our own feet into the steps of ancient lovers we will get that undoubtful knowing, that we are in a right place. And in the right time.

The tour is created for you, to have your own most beautiful experience in your life.  Discrecy.  No photos to show how many guests were enjoying our tour and what they were doing. Only your own photos, if you would like to post for your friends. We totally protect your privacy.