Mr. Ali Elnaggar

Mr. Ali Elnaggar
  • Egyptologist and English speaking tour guide.
  • Born in Alexandria, Egypt in the zodiac sign Sagittarius.
  • Studied at Faculty of Arts at Alexandria University , Egypt.
  • Living and working in Luxor, Egypt. 

Ali works as a tour guide, and as egyptologist he is also employed as an inspector in Karnak Temple in Luxor. He has lots of experience concerning all the Egyptian hystorical sites. His educational background is classical studies which aims to find connections between different ancient civilizations.

Ali is devoted to his work as a tour guide , always searching for something more to offer to his guests. Always thinking about themes that are not often presented on a tours. During years of tour guiding experiences he came to know that there should be more LOVE everywhere. More LOVE in everybody's life, and more LOVE in the world. Talking about LOVE raises vibration in us people and consequently impacting the vibration of humanity. So the idea was born, to talk about LOVE in ancient Egypt and to visit places in Egypt , connected to ancient LOVE stories, and doing this, to raise the energy vibration of our LOVE GUESTS, as well as to raise the energy vibration of the sites we will be visiting, of the whole country and as well of the whole humanity and our world.

This is the idea and a mission to do with our LoveTouringEgypt. The idea, itinerary and organisation have been done and harmonized with the wholehearted support, suggestions and organisation of Mrs. Ksenija Kresnik Conic.



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