About organizer

About organizer

Ms. Ksenija Kresnik Conič

  • B.Sc. in Economics, direction tourism, English speaking manager.
  • Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the zodiac sign Taurus.
  • Studied at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ksenija has been an enterpreneur for twentythree years, cooperating with a Belgian producer, being an exclusive importer and distributor  of advanced materials for machine construction and maintainance.

During life she has been travelling to Egypt annualy once or twice, always excited and inspired, always learning and always looking for new experiences. Motherland has been calling always and Ksenija could never resist the whispers that  became louder and more distinct, when the morning mists started to appear in autumn and cold rains began to fall. In her mind's eye she started to see more and more the great orange ball greeting from the Egyptian skies. Started to feel the mild breeze blowing among the columns of the ancient temples and shrines. Then she knows that  time has come again to put on her walking shoes, pack the big red bag, climb up the grey winged metal camel  and fly over the Balkan peninsula and over the Mediterranean sea to the mystical and mysterious land of Egypt.

She has made several friendships in Egypt during her journeys. Met many people working in tourism , and so she also met Mr. Ali Elnaggar five years ago. The idea of creating the tours with an emphasis on love stories has been brewing quite for a while and nowadays is finally coming to life and fruition. 



Your esteemed registration is desirable till February 29th, 2020 . 

For more information contact us via e-mail: ksenija.conic@siol.net 

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